Come and visit us

What is market research? What is a panel research? And what benefit does the farmer have from it?
Kleffmann Group would like to invite visitors to the 2015 Agritechnica show (November 10th.-14th), to join them
in hall 8 at exhibition booth D14a, to hear about the benefits of agricultural market research. Since 1990
Kleffmann Group has conducted recurring surveys of farmers related to specific crops known as “Panels” which
profile a variety of agricultural topics. Additionally, a wide range of other customized studies are carried out by
the Group in the agricultural sector; Machinery, Animal Health, Seed, Crop Protection, Finance etc. etc.
We recognize the farmer as a partner in this information exchange, as they are always central to all studies. In
exchange for participation they receive gratuities or exclusive information in return.
For the first time, a contact person from the human resource department of Kleffmann Group is present (12th. &
13th. November) to meet any interested visitors about entry opportunities into the global group.
Agritechnica is held at the exhibition grounds in Hannover (Germany). We will be there together with Deutsche
Maiskomitee e.V. (DMK).

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