amis®AgriGlobe®: The pioneer in providing global agricultural market data

Lüdinghausen, 27/07/2015. Kleffmann Group. The latest findings from the global crop protection markets in 2014 are now available for users of the BI tool amis®AgriGlobe®. amis®AgriGlobe® is a product of the Kleffmann Group, the world leader in agricultural market research.

amis®AgriGlobe® is the first consolidated database, which mainly consists out of information of the crop and seed markets by farmers worldwide. It provides comprehensive global market data along with a new intuitive online software tool delivering multi-country, statistically robust, mainly farmer-based data from 75 countries; many of them emerging markets. amis®AgriGlobe® is the only global market data reference that provides a link between proprietary farmer data and research from local consultants, industry analysis and public domain sources. The user has the possibility to individually analyze and prepare data of global agricultural markets and use it for their strategic planning processes. The actual data set covers 75 of the leading markets and contains data of crop protection from 2010 to 2014.

In industries as dynamic as that of the crop protection & seed sectors the need for comprehensive accurate and timely information is critical in order that the best business decisions going forward can be made. To aid in that objective further updates to the BI tool amis®AgriGlobe® are planned throughout 2015; as and when more data becomes available.

The current global data set from 2014 came out today and is available for all registered users via:

Dr. Bob Fairclough 
Team Leader - amis®AgriGlobe®
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