Global Market for Crop Protection Products increases by 1.9% in nominal terms to reach US$ 54.15 billion in 2017 when measured at ex-company level and when using average year exchange rates:

We are pleased to announce that as planned the update to AgriGlobe® with 2017 Crop Protection data occurred this last week. The seed section will be updated with 2017 research over the next few days.

AgriGlobe®  first released our preliminarily Crop Protection 2017 market estimates in January 2018 Our estimate at that time was for a growth in the market of 1.8% as compared to 2016. In the last few weeks the research has been completed such that the 2017 market for Crop Protection products globally is now finalised at a growth of 1.9% over 2016; very close to our January estimate. In an environment where overall global market growth is used as a benchmark against company performance; consistency of  estimates is vital and highlights once again the importance of primary robust market research data in any BI system.   

AgriGlobe®  will continue to prepare for the new software launch for August which will integrate AgriGlobe®  data into the wider Kleffmann4you platform. Asides a more robust system, offering faster access to the research data, the new software will feature more functionality and more data; including detailed splits on the next “largest” F&V crops of citrus and stone fruit.