Precision Farming has arrived in the North Rhine-Westphalian parliament. The Kleffmann Group informs.

On the 17th May, employees of the Kleffmann Group met with the Political Party SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) Working Group for the Environment, Agriculture, Nature and Consumer Protection in the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament. The Kleffmann Group made a presentation relating to the advantages of precision farming. Farmers are facing more and more regulations, making their work more complicated and more difficult. The SPD working group is looking for ways to reduce environmental pollution in agriculture and to achieve more sustainable production with the available digital aids.

Kleffmann Group was able to provide practical examples with its own digital solution called My Data Plant and were able to answer many questions and provide deep insights into agricultural digitisation. Parliamentarians attached particular importance to data security. Stephan Poppe, Head of Innovation and Development at Kleffmann Group used My Data Plant as an example to show the SPD members of parliament how secure the data is in their solution. He was also able to demonstrate to the working group to what extent My Data Plant helps farmers to comply with political requirements while still assisting them in increasing yields and cutting costs.

In the two-hour meeting, the politicians received a thorough brief of the possibilities of precision farming. With Kleffmann Group's own solution, politicians were able to experience an example of the direct advantages of digitisation in agriculture. They are enthusiastic and want to introduce the idea of Precision Farming in the further work in the state parliament in the context of environmental protection.

image, from left to right

Frank Börner, full member of the working group for environment, agriculture, nature and consumer protection

André Stinka, Spokesman on the Committee on the Environment, Agriculture, Nature and Consumer Protection

Stephan Poppe, Head of Innovation and Development of the Kleffmann Group

Dr. Ludger Laurenz, former special adviser for crop production at the Coesfeld Chamber of Agriculture

Christof Riegert, Consultant for Environment, Agriculture, Nature and Consumer Protection