New Media Tracker

Because of many advantages, new media are used more frequently. Agriculture benefits from individual apps, the huge range of social media as well as the possibility to buy online independent of place and time. But what types of new media are seen as an enrichment for the farmer and which services does he use regularly? The Kleffmann Group analysed the farmers’ attitude and their behaviour towards new media. The results of the “New Media Tracker”-study will be available in April. The study provides information about the farmer’s internet usage in different countries, the status quo as well as future developments There are different options for purchase, you can buy the complete study or you can compile your individual New Media Tracker package. This year’s German survey has already started. Further countries are planned and are possible on request.

The New Media Tracker was conducted in 2013 and informs about the internet usage, social media usage, online access and online usage by farmers. The study has been complemented by an e-commerce section in 2015/16. The farmers are also interviewed to the topic of messaging apps this year. 

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Demographical information/Statistic/Screening

  • Age
  • Education level
  • Economical focus of the farm (arable, livestock etc.)
  • Farm size
  • Cultivated crops (incl. area sizes)
  • Type and number of animals

Online access

  • Possession and intention to purchase electronic devices, which allow the online access
  • Availability of an internet access
  • Type of internet access
  • Electronic devices, which allow to go online

Online usage

  • General / Business internet usage
  • Intensity of usage
  • Used applications (e.g. email) incl. the intensity of usage
  • Used contents (e.g. actual news) and the intensity of usage

Social Media

  • Active and passive social media usage incl intensity of usage
  • Differentiation between private and operational social media usage
  • Type of business use of social media
  • Business information searched for on social media
  • Usage of company site within the social media (expectations)

Operational internet usage

  • Used sources of information for agriculture
  • Frequently visited websites in different sectors
  • Frequently visited homepages of brands / companies
  • Activities which are carried out via Apps
  • Top 3 Apps for business usage


  • Private & Business online usage
  • Products purchased online
  • Number of purchases and spending on online shopping
  • Pro & Contra reasons for online shopping
  • Motivation to buy online
  • Future purchases
  • Requirements for an online shop
  • Payment methods
  • Online banking

Segmentation of the interviewed farmers

  • Showing the changes within the segments from 2015/16 to 2017/18 (only for GER)
  • Open Segmentation to different online usage types (possible on request)

New Aspect since 2017/18 à Messaging Apps

  • Messaging App (e.g. WhatsApp) usage incl. intensity of usage
  • Business usage of Messaging Apps per day
  • Applications
  • Potential usage