EuroTier 2016

EuroTier is the worlds’ leading fair for livestock management. Besides companies out of the equipment and feeding sector also animal health or other livestock related firms were present at the fair. In total 2.629 exhibitors, out of 58 countries were offering their services in Hannover, Germany, where the event took place from 15-18 November 2016. The organizer, DLG, said that the number of visitors was even higher than in 2012, which held the record so far. Out of the 163.000 visitors every fourth came from a foreign country. Especially the number of non-European visitors rose compared to the last years.

For the Kleffmann team the opening event of the EuroTier is always an invitation to the “Gala-Abend” organized by the agrarzeitung. The agrarzeitung is Germany’s leading newspaper for the agribusiness with a strong focus on agricultural politics, international markets and prices of agricultural goods and it carries out the “Förderpreis der Agrarwirtschaft”.

Kleffmann Group is one of the sponsors of the “Förderpreis der Agrarwirtschaft” - an award which is given to talented young people that are engaged in the sector. This years’ winners are Johanna Trautmann, David Engel and Thomas Fabry who were presented with their awards during the evening. The work they presented was very different from one another but all had a common element of being excellent communicators, which is of tremendous importance in agriculture today.

From the Kleffmann Group, Burkhard Kleffmann, Caroline Farwick, Johanna Pigisch and David Soorholtz joined the evening. The event is a good opportunity to meet and network with people engaged in the sector. Communication was also the topic about which Prof. Norbert Bolz spoke in his dinner speech. So, we had an evening consisting of very interesting and fruitful talks with existing or potential clients.

Picture: David Soorholtz, Johanna Pigisch, Burkhard Kleffmann

Source: agrarzeitung/Färber

Picture: Christoph Nitsche (agrarzeitung), Caroline Farwick

Source: agrarzeitung/Färber

In 2016, when agriculture and especially the livestock market in particular is under enormous pressure and facing big challenges which are driven by social and political demands as well as volatile markets, the interest in new developments is strong and farmers like to use such exhibitions to get informed. There is also still an interest to invest.

These developments show that agriculture is becoming more and more international. With its’ global presence, the Kleffmann Group can identify current trends and help clients to find out customer needs and as a consequence better position their products. The Kleffmann Team used the fair to stay well informed and exchanged with local as well as international clients about future possibilities in our market.