There are many different technologies to increase plant cultivation. 
Terms like Precision Farming, Precision Agriculture or Smart Farming are becoming increasingly popular in the everyday language.

But what techniques, programs or procedures do farmers actually use?


Country: Germany*

Method: CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews)

Target group: farmers with more than 20 hectares farm size and contractors

Sample size: 800 Farmers and 100 Contractors

Interview length: 20 minutes

Providing results: in ppt format in English incl. executive summary, highlighted key insights and recommendations 

Optional: personal presentation of the results

*other countries upon request

Representative Study by:

  • Farm size
  • Age of the farmers
  • Region
  • Economic focus (arable, livestock, etc.)

Automated Data Collection

  • Yieldbooks: Type and Programs
  • Type of recording of machine time, application rate and yield
  • Connection of the programs
  • Transfer of data
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual costs for digital programs

Location and Plant Parameters

  • Used methods for data collection
  • Percent of collected acreage
  • Usage of sensor technique
  • Data processing
  • Preparation of biomass maps
  • Preparation of application maps

Demographic Information/Statistic/Screening

  • Age
  • Education level
  • Economic focus of the farm (arable, livestock, etc.)
  • Farm size
  • Cultivated crops
  • Type and number of animals
  • Average field size

Automatization/Field Robotics

  • Current and future technical equipment of tractors and other machines
  • Usage of autonomous vehicles, master slave and robotics
  • Extraction of generated data

Precision Farming

  • Usage of precision farming technology
  • Used programs and satisfaction therewith
  • Advantages of usage / reasons for usage
  • Resulting additional income
  • Resulting cost savings
  • Resulting time savings


  • Disadvantages of usage / problems while usage
  • Future perspective of usage
  • Reasons for non-usage
  • Key criteria for usage
  • Source of information

Fleet Management

  • Usage of location monitoring
  • Usage of route planning
  • Usage of teleservice


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