Thanks to numerous advantages, new media are being used more and more frequently. Agriculture is increasingly benefiting from individual apps, the wide reach of social media channels and the possibilities of online shopping independent of time and place.

  • But which online services does the farmer use?
  • What do farmers use the internet for?
  • Which apps are used by farmers?
  • What products do farmers buy online?

The New Media Tracker (NMT) offers an up-to-date status quo of German farmers.


Implementation: every 2 years

Method: CATI / CAWI / F2F (depending on country)

Target group: farmers

Providing results: in ppt format as a country or multi-country report

Country Overview for 2013/14

Year Country Samples
2013 Germany n = 800
France n = 750
UK n = 800
Brazil n = 1000
Italy n = 400
Ukraine n = 500
India n = 1000
2014 Czech Republic n = 300
Slovakia n = 200
Poland n = 500

Country Overview for 2015/16

Year Country Samples
2015/16 Germany n = 800
Ukraine n = 500
Argentina n = 500


Country Overview for 2017/18

Year Country
2017/18 Germany Slovakia
Spain Ukraine
Russia India
Egypt Morocco
Brazil France
Poland Turkey
Czech Republic South Africa


  • Direct comparison with population data in Germany
  • Comparison between countries
  • Comparison between 2013/14, 2015/16 and 2017/18

Demographic Information/Statistic/Screening

  • Age
  • Education level
  • Economic focus of the farm (arable, livestock, etc.)
  • Farm size
  • Cultivated crops (incl. area sizes)
  • Type and number of animals

Social Media

  • Active and passive social media usage incl. intensity of usage
  • Differentiation between private and operational usage
  • Type of business use
  • Business information searched for
  • Usage of company site (expectations)

Online Access

  • Posession and intention to purchase electronic devices, which allow online access
  • Availability of internet access
  • Type of internet access

Online Usage

  • General internet usage / Business internet usage
  • Intensity of usage
  • Used applications (e.g. email) incl. the intensity of usage
  • Used contents (e.g. current news) and the intensity of usage

Operational Internet Usage

  • Used sources of information for agricultural themes
  • Frequently visited websites in different sectors
  • Frequently visited homepages of brands/companies
  • Activities performed via apps
  • Top 3 apps for business usage

Segmentation of Interviewed Farmers

  • Showing the changes within the segments from 2015/16 to 2017/18 (only for Germany and Ukraine)
  • Open segmentation to different online usage types (possible upon request)


  • Private & Business online usage
  • Products purchased online
  • Number of purchases and spendings on online shopping
  • Pros & Cons for online shopping
  • Motivation to buy online
  • Future purchases
  • Requirements for an online shop
  • Payment methods
  • Online banking

*New* since 2017/18 → Messaging Apps

  • Messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp) usage incl. intensity of usage
  • Business usage of messaging apps per day
  • Applications (today)
  • Potential usage


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