Europe's Fastest-Growing Market

Romania's Rising Inputs

One of the most dynamic agricultural markets in terms of growth in Europe, Romania, has experienced a significant growth in the agricultural inputs segment during the past five years, including the market for seeds and crop protection products. Since 2010, the average annual market growth rate of the crop protection market has been 25%, while the seed market has grown by approximately 17% per year.

Market growth in the seed and crop protection input segments is directly linked with the technological changes taking place in Romanian agriculture: As Kleffmann Group AMIS panel data shows, the growth in turnover of the crop protection market is in proportion to the increase in crop protection products usage (both extensively and intensively), although this growth was also driven by increasing costs per hectare.

The growth in the seed market, on the other side, is primarily driven by the increased use of certified seeds for sowing, instead of ones saved from the previous year’s harvest. These positive changes in the technologies used by farmers, which stand as a proof of the ongoing professionalization of Romanian agriculture, are a direct consequence of the consolidation process that influenced the farm structure in Romania during the last decade and is still taking place. 

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