Kleffmann CropRadar

In-season, precise and verified worldwide crop areas

With Kleffmann CropRadar, we developed a solution which uses detailed satellite data processed by our team of experts in Germany. These detailed results provide area measurements of the main crops in Europe with an accuracy of up to 97 %. Clients are able to see on a global, national and regional level which crops and how many hectares of them are cultivated on a specific area.

With the Online-Tool of Kleffmann CropRadar you are able to analyze and visualize the main cultivated crop areas in Europe. An additional tool to organize your sales team according to country and Zip-Code areas is included in the Sales Region Management package. The tool offers different options to analyze:

See how many hectares of specific crops are cultivated.

See the cultivated amount down to ZIP code-level.

Organize your sales region on basis of Kleffmann CropRadar.

Your advantages:

 Check the amount of hectares wich are currently cultivated in your chosen country.

 Analyze down to Zip-Code level the amount of hectares which are currently cultivated in your chosen region.

 Create bespoke regions to match sales territories and create reports related to the potential within them.

Contact us for further information:

Karen Gralla
Global Key Account Manager
Kleffmann Group
Phone: + 49 (0) 2591 9188 – 403

Kleffmann CropRadar delivers:

Crop areas worldwide

Kleffmann CropRadar provides accurate assessments of a range of crops throughout the world.

Satellite data

As the agricultural data specialist, Kleffmann Group processes data of Sentinel-1 and -2 satellites and combines it with proprietory Kleffmann Group expert insights.

Precise & Validated

The results are validated and achieve up to 97 % accuracy. They are provided at the country, county, municipality or ZIP-code level.

Kleffmann Group - the expert at your side:

Agricultural data specialist

Kleffmann Group is the specialist in securing, processing, analyzing and evaluating agricultural data. We are the only experts who combine multispectral- and radar data with farm-based interviews.

Know-how and expertise

We base our expertise on more than 25 years of experience in data processing and interpretation. Our teams consist of professionals in agriculture, geoinformatics, geology, programming, statistics and market research.

Driven by innovations

Kleffmann Group has always focused on innovations and new technologies in the agricultural sector. Using satellite data to measure crop areas contributes to the overall agricultural progress.

Independent provider

We are an independent company basing our assessments on unbiased data, expertise and technology to offer the most advanced independent solutions for our clients.