AMIS® Farmer Panel Research

The most complete source of global agricultural information

Via its amis® panel data, Kleffmann Group offers worldwide farmer-based information on all major crops - covering both seed and crop protection inputs. Kleffmann Group interviews more than 100,000 farmers every year and collects data crop by crop. This allows Kleffmann Group to analyze the full crop cycle ranging from planting, seed treatment and fertilizer application to the final crop protection applications.

The amis® system is supported by both quantitative and qualitative data, and in addition to answering the “what” or “how much” questions, these panels also provide insight into the “why” behind the purchase decision. Thus, amis® enables clients to gain a thorough understanding of the dynamics of farmers' purchasing behavior and product usage.

Clients can access the surveyed data via our new web-based software tool Kleffmann4you, which provides data access and also enables clients to analyze the data in-depth by creating their own queries, exporting data and generating reports. 

amis® opens up new opportunities

  • Broad and deep information about crop protection, fertilizer and seed markets
  • Individual data analysis via the software tool Kleffmann4you
  • Provides insight regarding farmer perception and behaviors
  • Points to cause-and-effect-relationships of market mechanisms
  • Allows cross-analysis of quantitative and qualitative information with demographics
  • Broadens horizons due to unique link between crop protection and seed data
  • Enables diverse perspectives: Global, regional and local

Since the panels offer compatibility with other global data provided by Kleffmann Group, global companies have a single source of interactive, complete market share information that is comparable from country to country and crop to crop.

What makes amis® a good panel?

  • Data based on over 100,000 interviews with farmers from across the globe on a yearly basis
  • Comparability over time due to annual repetition of surveys
  • Global compatibility
  • Unique “crop by crop” methodology
  • Representativeness of results
  • Questionnaire standardization ensuring yearly and international compatibility of the data
  • Local agricultural experts ensuring understanding of the market 
  • Independent source of information
  • 25 years of international experience
  • Extensive global coverage (~350 panel surveys worldwide) representing 70% of global seed market value and 52% of global crop protection market value


Doris Lütke Brochtrup
Key Account Director AMIS
Phone: + 49 (0) 2591 9188 – 113