The National Crop Protection Marketing Overview

amis®Trend provides clients with valuable insights of the wider market dynamics as well as the detail of chemical inputs within the agri-chemical sector, covering the supply channel from the producer and end-user of crop protection products gathered from desk research and expert interviews. 

Providing market information especially on countries from APAC or MEA with complex agricultural structures (e.g. political restrictions, dominant distributors, low industry influence on the market, etc.), amis®Trend is a useful complementary product to the amis® farmer based panel information for all major crops.

amis® Trend offers clients:

  • Overview of key insights on agricultural markets
  • Regional based sampling, based on distribution structure extrapolation method applied
  • Market shares & trends
  • Strategic market overview


Dr. Bob Fairclough 

Principal consulant - AgriGlobe®
Phone: + 44 (0) 1225 8333 73