Providing insights on the farmer's journey from need recognition to purchase along with brand's experience

Business challenges

  • Understanding of farmers’ needs is a key to success
  • Development of communication channels expands the range of ways for brands to "reach the target” 
  • The way the farmers are making decisions regarding purchase is constantly changing
  • More complex purchase process makes the planning of marketing activities more difficult 

How can FarmBuyCycle support my business decisions?

FarmBuyCycle will support your business decisions with answers for essential questions like:

  • What are the market expectations regarding certain products?
  • Where should my brands meet the farmer?
  • How many farmers will be reached by my brands?
  • How can I influence the farmers’ purchase decision?
  • What purchase behaviours are present among farmers?
  • How do farmers experience my brands?
  • How can a brand convert its users to advocates, thus, ambassadors of its product?

Benefits of FarmBuyCycle solutions:

  • Understanding of behavioral diversity in the purchase process
  • When, where and how to influence farmers' purchase decision
  • Increased competitiveness

Examples of analyses & tools:

  • Key Influence Touch Points
  • Information Touch Point Matrix
  • Key Enhancing & Key Dissatisfying Touch Points
  • Brand Experience Index
  • Loyalty Segments
  • Purchase Behaviors Segments
  • and more


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