Supporting clients in reaching maximum product potential within a competitive environment

Business challenges:

  • Creation of portfolio must be based on deep analysis of market needs
  • Launch of new brand is always a huge investment that requires minimization of risk of failure
  • Marketing strategies needs adjustments on further stages of brand’s life cycles to ensure efficient market performance

How can BrandPoint support my business decisions?

BrandPoint can support your business decisions with answers for essential questions like:

  • How can my brand differentiate on the market?
  • Will my new product be accepted by end users?
  • What price strategy should be applied to reach the maximum potential?
  • What is the current positioning of my brand?
  • Should I revise my communication strategy to reach the expected positioning? 

Benefits of BrandPoint solutions:

  • Optimized product performance
  • Maximized return on investment
  • Differentiation on the market

Examples of analyses & tools:

  • Concept Index
  • KBF & KBB Index
  • Customer Value Map
  • Tracker
  • PSM
  • Price Elasticity Models (conjoint based)
  • Purchase funnel
  • Brand Health Index
  • Loyalty Analysis
  • and more


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