Enabling clients to find the best win-win solutions with distributors

Business Challenges

  • Distribution channel is the key link with end users on the market
  • Within many agricultural markets we can observe processes of distributors’ concentration that forecast significant structural changes
  • Good relationships with distributors in all areas of cooperation are essential for improvement of producers’ position on market

How can EffiTrade support my business decisions?

EffiTrade can support your business decisions with answers for essential questions like:

  • What areas are essential for distributors in terms of cooperation with producers?
  • How is my company perceived in a competitive environment?
  • What should I improve to be more efficient in cooperation with my distributors?
  • How can I develop my business offer to be preferred by distributors?

Benefits of EffiTrade solutions:

  • Long-lasting cooperation
  • Profit increases
  • Better image

Examples of analyses & tools

  • Distributors’ Marketing Power Index
  • Relations’ Factor Analysis
  • Quarter Analysis
  • Offer Support Sumilator (conjoint based)
  • and more


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