Kleffmann to make unprecedented study of precision agriculture market in Brazil

Kleffmann will carry out an unprecedented survey of the precision agriculture market for the main crops and producing regions of Brazil. "We know that the precision farming market has enormous potential, but to take advantage of this whole wave of growth, it is necessary to make decisions based on farmers," says Leonardo Antolini, Kleffmann sales manager in Brazil. 

The study, called AMIS Precision Agriculture, will be the most complete study ever undertaken in Brazil and will be able to support companies that compete and are interested in this segment. The official launch will take place at Agrishow 2019, Brazil's largest agricultural technology event.

"In a competitive environment, it is necessary to understand the position and performance of each of the precision farming tools, brands and products," says Antolini. In Brazil since 1997, Kleffmann is a pioneer and reference in agricultural input panel studies with AMIS - Agricultural Marketing Information System. Now, in addition to the traditional studies of agricultural inputs and machines, the company is offering its customers AMIS Precision Agriculture.

"This survey will be a new source of information for decision-making on various technologies such as GPS, application technology, variable input rate, mapping devices, drones and remote sensing, among other tools, making it a crucial input for the elaboration of short and long-term strategies of manufacturing companies and those interested in this segment," adds Antolini. With more than 3,000 face-to-face interviews with farmers of different crops such as soybeans, cotton, maize (summer and winter crop) and wheat, the survey will deliver market share by segment, brand strategic information, adoption of precision agriculture by each tool, competition and market access, the farmer profile, and among other variables.

"Since its introduction in the 90's, precision agriculture has become more popular and new players have appeared on the market and especially new products and services are being developed and offered to the producer at a fast pace. An innovative solution released today can be outdated in two or three years. To identify the market trend in time is fundamental to not lose business opportunities," says Antolini.

The research will identify which technologies are on board in various machine segments, such as tractors, planters, sprayers and harvesters. "Unique and exclusive in Brazil, the research will help manufacturers of precision agriculture, machines, equipment and technologies to offer increasingly effective solutions to farmers," says Antolini. In addition, there will be a crossing of information on the use of seeds, crop protection, precision agriculture tools and producer profile, allowing a myriad of insights for companies of different segments.