New Media Tracker and Smart Farming Tracker Examine Media Use and Smart Farming Technologies in Agriculture

The syndicated studies New Media Tracker and Smart Farming Tracker are firmly established products of the Custom Research department of the Kleffmann Group, in addition to the individual market research solutions. New Media Tracker has been carried out since 2013 and investigates the use of new media in agriculture. The main topics investigated in this study are Public Relations, Messaging Apps, E-Commerce, Social Media, Online Access, Online Usage, Occupational Internet Usage and Demographic Information. Furthermore, New Media Tracker offers the possibility of segmentation of the interviewed farmers. The investigations of the “New Media Tracker” studies already conducted have shown that structural and generational change are leading to dynamic changes in online usage behavior - also in the agricultural sector. This opens up new market opportunities for the agricultural industry.

Kleffmann undertakes New Media Tracker every two years to ensure country comparability for each year. Conducted in several countries around the world, our current study is focused on Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The study can also be carried out in Poland, France and the UK.

Our Smart Farming Tracker study has been conducted in Germany since 2017 and is also repeated every two years to ensure comparability between the years. Smart Farming Tracker examines the usage of smart farming technologies, programs or procedures by farmers and contractors in Germany and their opinions. Digitalization has had a significant impact on agriculture and already offers farmers a wide range of new technologies to optimize their farming. Fields are monitored by drones, sensors or satellite images, and automatic steering systems are controlling agricultural machinery fully automatically. Terms such as “precision farming,” “smart farming” or “precision agriculture” have long since become part of everyday language. The main topics investigated in Smart Farming Tracker are Site-specific Crop Management, Automated Data Collection, Field Robots, Fleet Management and Demographic Information.