New function in K4Y - Advanced grouping and filtering

The online platform Kleffmann4you is data-mining software which offers the possibility to analyze data with different functions in various formats. One of its crucial features is filtering and grouping of dimensions. The simple grouping and filtering of data has now been extended by the advanced function.

Until now, it was possible to group and filter in one dimension. With the new function, it is possible to consider several grouping / filtering aspects at the same time. Those can be combined via the connectors ‘and’ (all items fulfilled), respectively ‘or’ (all or part of items fulfilled) options.

For example, a client can group products according to their growth stages into pre- vs. post-emergence and even limit to specific active ingredients within such a group. The remaining categories of the aspect can be summarized to a group of ‘others’. The usual simple grouping / filtering option is still available in the system.

Kleffmann4you is business intelligence and data-mining software. It provides various analytical tools for clients to create individual tables and cross tabulations. It has been designed to comprise tools for three business units - AMIS, AgMarket Insights and AdHoc.

Link to Kleffmann4you:


Laura Burgholte, Junior Projectmanager