Product Launch of My Data Plant

– an independent decision support field mapping tool

After a long, intensive period of development, Kleffmann Group has successfully introduced an independent decision support field mapping tool, “My Data Plant” at Agritechnica in Hannover from 12-18 November 2017.

A practical solution for the farmer

With My Data Plant, Kleffmann Group offers a practical solution for the farmer. The tool enables the farmer to measure field sizes and apply fertilizer to fields precisely within an accuracy of 5m x 5m on the basis of actual Sentinel sat­ellite data. It can also monitor the biomass of cultivated crops which helps to gauge the health and/or potential of the crop across the field throughout the season. Producing biomass maps allows more efficient agronomy. The innovation does not require a specific farm size nor machinery because with the help of the web portal, fertilizing strategy and application maps can be tailored to the fields individual needs.

Based on modern Sentinel-satellite technology data processed and analysed by Kleffmann Group, biomass maps show differences within the field of farmers and enable them to monitor their plots. 

A new business unit

Kleffmann Group identifies the practical solution for the farmer as a significant development towards an integrative and digitalized communication with farmers. Stephan Poppe, Head of Innovations & Development, Kleffmann Group, states: “For our research panels, precise information of agricultural area is needed. The available data in many countries is often incomplete or offers only limited information about the cultivated area. This satellite technology provides the possibility to close this gap and supports a complete and precise generation of data. It also supports farmers move to precision farming. The fertilization map information can be downloaded onto a PC, tablet or smartphone or onto an USB stick which is compatible with most precision software on the tractor.

Fertilization maps derived from biomass maps show farmers the actual status of their cultivated crops. They provide fertilization-recommendations pertaining to which zones of the field farmers can save fertilizer and where more fertilizer is needed. The precise fertilization optimizes the amount of fertilizer to apply as well as the yield.

Global availability

After having successfully introduced My Data Plant in Europe, the product will also be launched in the international market. “I am very happy about the positive feedback which we received during the Agritechnica fair! Numerous farmers registered for the tool there – many from Germany and Europe, but also from Indonesia, India and Brazil. Such innovative solutions give us the chance to get closer to both clients and partners,” says Burkhard Kleffmann, CEO, Kleffmann Group.


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