How do apple growers feel about the red-fleshed varieties?

New red-fleshed apple varieties are in trend and play a role in the superfoods category. Test sales within German supermarkets have already shown a positive response to red- flesh apple varieties. These new varieties are distinguished not only by their reddish flesh but also by their aromatic taste and health benefits for allergy sufferers. It is expected that these new varieties will revive apple consumption, which has fallen due to the availability of a variety of exotic fruits.

By 2021, it is estimated that more than one million new variety red-flesh apple trees are to be planted (bwagrar, 2019). To this end, the Kleffmann Group conducted an opinion poll with 300 apple growers in Germany in 2019, to determine if they could imagine cultivating these new apple varieties in the future. Results showed that 37% of the producers said they could imagine cultivating one of the new red-fleshed varieties. Nearly half of the respondents also expect the new varieties to improve their sales channels, and almost a third also see advantages in further processing of the fruits. The majority of farmers surveyed are familiar with red flesh varieties, the best known being Baya Marisa, followed by Kissabel. These results suggest that many growers are open to the new varieties and expect increased sales potential from the new breeds


Laura Burgholte, Project Manager