"Farmer 4.0 – ‘Is our tractor able to do this at all?’” – Kleffmann Group presents at the Digital Farming Conference

Kleffmann Group will be taking part in the Digital Farming Conference organised by Bitkom in Berlin on Thursday, the 22nd of March 2018. About 150 experts in politics, science, agriculture engineering, agriculture and digital economy are invited to this conference. The main subject of debate is the use of digital technologies in the agriculture sector. Stephan Poppe, leader of innovation and development at Kleffmann Group, will give a talk about the topic “Farmer 4.0 – ‘is our tractor able to do this at all?’” This is based on the market research in agriculture done by the Kleffmann Group.

Kleffmann Group interviews over 200,000 farmers about different agriculture topics all over the world every year. The information gained helps companies and decision makers to tailor products and services to the needs of the farmer. In the sector of digital farming the Kleffmann Group has conducted many surveys for a number of years and knows the status quo, the trends and the challenges very well. Stephan Poppe’s presentation includes the newest findings of these surveys which are entitled “New Media Tracker” and “Smart Farming Tracker”. The studies include data about the private and operational usage of new media as well as an overview of the practical applications of new technologies, programs and methods used by the farmers to farm more efficiently.  

The survey results are supported by the professional experiences of Stephan Poppe arising from the in-house developed solution of “My Data Plant”. “My Data Plant” enables the farmer to monitor, measure, calculate exactly how much to fertilize each field and part of fields and how much to seed each field based on actual sentinel satellite data.

There will also be an information desk at the conference where you can find out about the new products and services. Stephan Poppe looks forward to the conference: “With our expert knowledge, we are able to support many companies to understand the current technological level of the farmers. This helps the whole sector of digitization. I am excited to be able to exchange experiences with all the visitors and experts at the conference.”

For further information please visit: ​ www.farming-conference.de