Brazil remains number one in crop protection

Kleffmann Group at the ChemSpec Europe

Basel: At his speech at the 34th ChemSpec Europe Dr Puran Mal, Team Manager AgriGlobe®, gave insights into the development of the Global Crop Protection Market and its Future Trends. Among other things, Puran Mal reported that the global market for non-crop pesticide and the Crop Protection Sales have increased from the years 2010 to 2014. In 2015 it fell by more than 6 %. Since then it has been slowly recovering and since 2017 it has shown a continuous rise again.

Brazil remains number one in crop protection, followed by the United States. China, in third place, accounts for about 2/3 of Brazilian sales and Japan for only a quarter of Brazilian sales. Looking closer at the development of the continents in the last year, it is obvious that Asia has the largest increase with 5.01 %, whereas Europe recorded a decline of 0.04 %.

The growth of the crop protection market in Asia has different reasons: e.g. the above average monsoon in India, as well as the positive impact of price increases in the domestic market and the moderate to high pest pressure in China. The decline in Europe is among other things related to the unprecedented drought. Nevertheless, Brazil remains number one in the market with a total of 8.450,95 US $ m in 2017 despite the significant currency movements. Brazil was followed by the USA with 7.997,65 US $ m.

About Chemspec:

ChemSpec Europe is an international exhibition for Fine and Speciality Chemicals. It took place from 26th – 27th in Basel, Switzerland. Many experts, scientists, managers and thought-leaders met at the ChemSpec Europe to discuss market trends and innovations. In 2018, more than 358 exhibitors from 27 countries from all over the world presented their products on 6,075 m². More than 4,202 visitors from 66 countries worldwide visited the exhibition in the last year.