Kleffmann Group Ukraine:

10 years of successful work

In 2016, Kleffmann Group Ukraine, celebrated 10 years of  successful work in Ukraine. We decided to share this great day with our partners, colleagues and friends. The anniversary event took place on the 15th of April in a cozy hotel complex near Kyiv with a great view over the river. 60 guests were invited for whom we had prepared lots of surprises: video with the congratulations of our colleagues from all over the world, different workshops, contests, magic tricks and even a rifle range experience. Charming music made the atmosphere of the evening unforgettable and at the end of the evening lots of balloons were released to the sky. In remembrance of anniversary on the next day the whole Ukrainian team planted a linden tree at the center of the city near Shevchenko park.

In addition to the Ukrainian Team, the Serbian and Turkish teams celebrate their 10th and 5th year anniversaries.