Global Commercial Seed Market increases by 6.3%

in nominal terms to reach US$ 44.66 billion in 2017 when measured at ex-company level and when using average year exchange rates:

Kleffmann Group is pleased to announce that as planned the update to AgriGlobe® with 2017 Seed Market Data occurred mid-August. According to Dr. Puran Mal –Team Manager AgriGlobe®, a large proportion of the commercial growth came from the Latin America region but also from Asia and Europe. The North American region, however, posted a decrease in value in 2017 as compared to 2016. Despite this decline the USA remains by quite some margin the world’s most important market for commercial seed at close to three times larger than the next country market. Technology driven Brazil increased significantly in value terms in 2017 such that it overtook China to become the 2nd most commercially significant seed market. Growth in Brazil was replicated by growth in most of Latin America where overall the market increased by over 20%. Within Europe the commercial seed market increased by close to nine percent in value terms and Russia became the leading seed market overtaking France. An increase in sugar beet cultivated area was one of the main reasons for growth in Russia, whereas climate in-particular at the same time reduced growth within France. Asides these larger global markets many other small markets; for example, Mexico, South Africa, Vietnam and Belarus increasing are adopting better hybrids and varieties and so are growing in overall value terms.

At the same time as the update AgriGlobe® also launched a new software to integrate AgriGlobe® data into the wider Kleffmann4you platform. Asides a more robust system and providing faster access to the research data, the new software will feature more functionality and more data; including detailed splits on the next “largest” F&V crops of citrus and stone fruit. 

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