Global AdHoc

Lenka Novakova becomes Product Manager

From 1st June 2018, Lenka Novakova will become Product Manager for global AdHoc. The Kleffmann Group is investing in AdHoc because it wants to further promote and optimise the uniqueness of this service. AdHoc studies are individual studies that are commissioned by clients to find out about the markets for their products or services in order to make informed decisions and build their marketing strategies. Due to the individuality of customers and products/services, each AdHoc project is unique. A single, standardised approach is not feasible.

Lenka Novakova will use her experience and knowledge to further optimize the AdHoc area and standardize certain processes of it worldwide. From her international knowledge of the Kleffmann Group, she will combine the best properties to further develop a unique, bespoke service for the clients. Lenka Novakova will be supported in its implementation by the international team of experts she is to set up. She will carry out her tasks mainly from the Brno office.  

What experience does Lenka Novakova bring to the position as Global Product Manager of the AdHoc?

Lenka Novakova has been working for Kleffmann Group since July 2011. Until December 2016 she worked in the Czech Republic as a Project Manager in AdHoc. Her core tasks were the preparation and implementation of customer-specific studies. She also served as Key Account Manager in the AdHoc area, supported the marketing team, and worked on the development of global projects. Since January 2017 Lenka Novakova has been Senior Project Manager for AdHoc in Brazil, where she implements standard processes for the preparation and implementation of projects. Among other things, she trains the teams in AdHoc methodology. As Senior Project Manager she also supports the Brazilian AdHoc team in preparing and conducting the studies. In 2011, before joining the Kleffmann Group, Lenka Novakova graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.

Due to her previous areas of responsibility and experience, especially at the Kleffmann Group, Lenka Novakova is predestined for her new position. As Global Product Manager of AdHoc, she can optimally combine her previous experience at the Kleffmann Group. In addition, her positioning in various Kleffmann branches has already provided her with in-depth insights into local processes.

What are the expectations of Lenka Novakova for the new job?

Lenka Novakova is already looking forward to her new area of responsibility and has many innovative ideas: “Being in touch with a lot of people from different Kleffmann branches, I realized that being global is our big advantage. There are many great ideas all over the world, that are already being used in practice. Therefore, I would like to use our best ideas and practices, share them globally and further develop them. Thus, my plan is to standardize the portfolio of AdHoc methodologies and outputs, to support the process of digitalization that is already running in some countries and to come up with an unified automated solution for output production“.