Omnibus study starts in fall

No budget earmarked for market research this year? Now, Kleffmann Group offers few-question-surveys for small budgets! This year´s Omnibus study will start soon – it´s about time to place questions now.

This fall, Kleffmann Group will once again conduct its annual Omnibus study. The survey is the ideal market research tool for companies when speed and/or cost efficiency are critical. It is designed to help solve business challenges and meet the needs in terms of representative samples, geographical coverage, price and timely results.

Kleffmann Group offers companies a chance to join Omnibus survey with their individual questions. They can decide the content and number of their questions. This type of survey gives quick answers to burning questions, such as brand awareness, customer satisfaction or other topics. With this information companies can make rational decisions based on the farmer´s input.

As always, Kleffmann is providing high data quality standards and socio-demographic criteria that will provide companies with additional insights.


An Omnibus survey is a quantitative market research method where information on a variety of subjects is collected on a single questionnaire and is used by multiple clients who effectively share the cost of research by splitting the survey costs.



Katrin Draese, Senior Project Manager AdHoc Research