How digital are farmers? New study measures usage behaviour of digital technologies

Every year, new products and services are launched on markets worldwide and the existing ones are continuously improved. In particular, the development is fast in the field of technology and media. Terms like Smart TV and Instagram are no longer foreign words for a majority of people. Social media are being used more and more frequently and comprehensively. But does this development also affect agriculture? Are farmers also becoming increasingly digital?

Kleffmann Group has been investigating precisely this, along with other questions. Every two years, in the course of a representative survey, Kleffmann Group asks farmers about their use of modern technology and online content such as social media, mobile apps or e-commerce. This recurring survey is called “New Media Tracker” and reaches back to 2013.

Previous studies have shown that farmers are inevitably becoming more digital. However, they adapt to new technologies and media more slowly than the total population. For example, 70% of German farmers own smartphones, but only half of them use mobile data to go online.

With the upcoming study, Kleffmann Groups wants to take a closer look at the digitization process of farmers. In addition to the previous topics of online and social media use, mobile apps (including messaging apps) and e-commerce, the study design will be expanded to include the increasingly important area of public relations. Next to this, the areas of e-learning and video portals will be examined more closely. This year, the study will be carried out in Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and optionally in France and the United Kingdom.

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Nico Herbig, Project Assistant AdHoc Research