Getting the most out of the fields - field trials prove the benefits of My Data Plant

The team behind My Data Plant created side by side trials in Western Germany for cereals for the 2018/19 season. The main objective was to identify the effect of variable rate seeding, fertilization and crop protection.

Initial evaluations already show positive impacts: crops were easier to harvest, as reflected in the yield data. The combine driver was also very satisfied: "Barley was more homogeneous. The variable cultivation was easier to harvest". In addition to the savings in fertilizer use, the adaption of seed rate to soil type increased the yield by approximately 5%. In a trial with identical seeding rate, variable rate fertilization helped decrease the amount of fertilizer by 7%, while yield increased by 3%.

See for yourself, use the free trial:

Figure 1: A Biomass Map (Left side) in comparison to a Seed Map (Right side).


Robert Küppers, Commercial Product Manager