Precision Farming

GPS-monitoring is the best-known precision farming technology among Russian farmers

Modern agriculture, like any other industry, seeks to increase productivity by reducing production costs. Moreover, there are many different solutions nowadays. One of the most innovative ways is the usage of precision farming technologies. There are more and more companies on the market ready to offer their services to farmers. However, it should be noted, that not all farmers could accurately determine the meaning of the term "precision farming" and list its technology.

Figure 1: Awareness of Precision Farming in Russia

At the end of 2018, the Kleffmann Group conducted a study about state of precision farming in Russia among agricultural workers. The study involved 1.783 farmers. The survey was conducted in 66 regions of the country.

The results of the survey showed that 73 % of respondents are familiar with the concept of "Precision Farming" (figure 1).

Figure 2: The best-known precision farming technologies in Russia

Farmers, who were aware of the term "precision farming", spontaneously named the following precision farming technologies: parallel driving, steering, machines tracking, satellite monitoring, autopilot, drones, sensors and others.  The remaining 27 % of respondents could not name any technology spontaneously, but were able to recognize some of the list with a hint.

General awareness of precision farming technologies among Russian farmers (net recognition and aided) is shown in figure 2.

The most common technology cited was the technology of parallel driving – 19 % of the respondents spontaneously named it. The smallest result shown was sensors - only 3 % of farmers were able to name it without a hint. In addition, this technology has the lowest percentage of recognition with a hint too. The number of people who do not know about this technology are also leading in this category.


Gor Manukyan, Senior Project Manager AdHoc