My Data Plant – The upload of an application map to the tractor

The My Data Plant online portal provides farmers with the latest biomass images of their fields. Every five days the farmer gets a new biomass map, which will automatically be displayed. This provides feedback on the growth and development of crops. Accordingly the farmer gets with my Data Plant a tool for better field observation increasing the quality of farming on the whole. On the basis of this data the farmer can take action on nutrient supply, plant health, and crop development and can compare the (respective) results.

The farmer creates application maps with the My Data Plant online portal. These give the farmer the opportunity to adapt the rate of seed and fertilizer to each zone. In the next step, the application map will be sent to the machine. The new technical equipment allows the farmer to use the application maps. These enable the machinery to adapt the variable rate automatically.

There are different ways to get the generated application maps onto the tractor. Meanwhile, it even works wirelessly. If the farmer does not yet have the wireless technology, he uploads the application maps onto the tractor as usual via the USB stick. Depending on the manufacturer of the tractor, implement and terminal, the standard ISOxml and Shape formats are available. If a terminal isn’t yet available, the farmer uses the Tablet App CropNavigator to perform the operation variable.

For many farmers, the use of application maps is a new experience. The My Data Plant service team is therefore available free of charge to answer any questions farmer may have about the portal and the implementation of the machine.

Figure 1: Created application map for fertilization in the MDP Portal (left picture), uploaded Application map onto a tractor terminal (right picture).


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