Biologicals are gaining ground! –

Kleffmann Group conducts new studies on the use of Biologicals

In the past years, the European agriculture turns increasingly into the direction of Biological Crop Protection (e.g. Biopesticides) as well as Biological Crop Production Products (e.g. Biostimulants or Biofertilizer). In a recent online study, Kleffmann examines the perspective of farmers on the use of biological products in Germany as well as in France. Under consideration of farm type, the survey gives first insights into what farmers themselves understand as biological products. It also answers if farmers are currently using biologicals or – if no – if they would use biologicals in the future.

Figure 1:  The use of Biologicals from German and French farmers.

In the cross-country comparison, it turns out that in the past, French farmers appear to have been more open to the use of biologicals than German farmers. In Germany only 22 %, in France around 59 % of the polled farmers used the products in the last three years.

Figure 2: Farmers can imagine using more biologics in the future.

Actually, the prospects for the future usage of Biologicals, especially Biostimulants and Biopesticides appear to be promising: nearly 2/3 of all questioned farmers can imagine using biologicals in the future. Especially in Germany, the focus will be on Biostimulants (42%), whereas in France, farmers don´t show a specific preference.

In the future the Kleffmann Group will conduct additional studies in more countries. For further insights into the country studies, feel free to contact us.


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