My Data Plant presents new version of online portal

On 29th January the My Data Plant team launched the new version of the online portal. The new functions were presented to the agricultural press at the official launch.

My Data Plant is an online portal, that allows farmers to track the biomass of their fields for each crop and to create application maps for variable seeding, fertilization and in the future also for crop protection.

Every 5 days the farmers receive an image of the biomass with a resolution of 5 x 5 m by the satellites. The images are from the two Sentinel satellites that orbit the Earth every ten days. This enables the detection of emergent growth, development in spring and ripeness as well as dry damage and failures.

Generated application maps can be used on ISOBUS terminals and tablets to exploit the potentials of the machines and to optimize their plant cultivation. Resources can be saved; the yield and crop quality will be increased and the farmer can save time for observation of the biomass.

My Data Plant is developed together with pilot farmers. The aim is to keep the portal simple so that it can be used quickly and efficiently. The feedback of the farmers causes a continuous development of the portal. In addition to the key functions of biomass and the creation of application maps, the online portal 2.0 also offers the option of N-balancing, sharing of biomass and key functions to other accounts (client tool), a split screen display, the creation of fertilizer maps based on soil zones and the export of "combined application maps" also via the DKE-agrirouter.

The split screen allows the comparison of biomass maps, created application maps and uploaded map data such as yield maps and soil maps as well as PDFs and images. These can be displayed next to each other in order to individually edit the created application maps. Using the client tool, the biomass and the creation of seed and fertilizer maps can be individually shared at field level. This enables contractors, consultants and other farmers to get access to the farmers portal in a defined way.

The “combined application maps” allows to combine several application maps of a field in one task. For example, application maps for seeding and simultaneous fertilization can be handled in one operation. The export via the agrirouter enables the wireless export of the application maps to the terminals.

The new functions are intended to offer the farmer additional functions in order to optimize plant cultivation with My Data Plant.

Author: Robert Küppers, Commercial Product Manager My Data Plant

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