New Kleffmann CropRadar-Portal goes online

Finally it’s time: The KLEFFMANN Group offers now precise information about the cultivated area of different crops worldwide via the new KLEFFMANN CropRadar-Portal. With this innovative solution, they are the first and only market research company offering such a novel tool!

Based on the fact that the official statistics, describing the total area of all kinds of cultivated crops during growing seasons, no matter from which source, has been fairly inaccurate and different in some countries, the KLEFFMANN Group officials decided to do these challenging estimations by themselves.
After several years of research, an appropriate solution was found: The whole process of crop identification can be performed by means of various satellite data, originating from the Sentinel-1 and -2 space missions, conducted by the European Space Agency. To be more precise, the freely available satellite data, together with the knowledge of an internal team of GIS technicians who handled the complete data processing and provision, allows the KLEFFMANN Group a very detailed and precise crop detection, regardless in which European country. The algorithm as well as the application of machine learning methods which are fundamental in the whole crop detection process has been developed in-house and makes the high quality of the product a unique feature in the field of crop detection.

As a result, the new online-portal now enables KLEFFMANN clients to query current figures about the exact area of specific crops on country, district and county levels, which, in turn, can be used as a statistical source to make calculation for their individual and varied purposes.
Clients can now, for example, purchase the Sales Region Management layer package and enhance their own sales team management according to country or Zip-Code areas.
The results can be provided as interactive maps as well as Excel spreadsheets.
Depending on the seasons, the areas of Maize, Cereals, Sunflower and Oiled Seed Rape are determined for almost all countries in Europe.

Author: Andre Hinsenhofe, Junior Project Manager Geo Systems

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