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Total maize cultivation area for harvest in Germany is 2,598 million ha

6% of areas are in very poor condition, East German areas are particularly badly affected. Kleffmann CropRadar has measured the total area under maize cultivation in Germany at harvest time. read more


Global Market for Crop Protection Products increases by 2.03% in nominal terms to reach US$ 55.25 billion in 2018

We are pleased to announce that as planned the update to AgriGlobe® with 2018 Crop Protection data occurred this last week. The seed section will be updated with 2018 research over the next few weeks. read more


“… it remained positive despite challenging times”

Global market for Crop Protection increased by 2.03% in 2018. Our expert Dr Bob Fairclough takes a look at the different regions of the world. read more


Counting the cost to the industry of a potentially “wet June” in the US Corn belt.

A lot can change in a week but with a wet early June forecast getting planting “back on track” looks a lot less likely. Probably now the most likely case scenario going forward is that there will be an estimated 10 million “prevented plant” corn acres and 3 million “prevented plant” soybeans. read more


The trade dispute between America and China affects the global agricultural sector

US President Donald Trump threatens to further increase US import duties on Chinese goods. Kleffmann Groups expert Dr. Bob Fairclough, Principal consultant of AgriGlobe, gives a brief and easy evaluation of the market situation: read more


Brexit and its consequences

Two and a half years have passed since a majority of the UK voted in favour of leaving the European Union in June 2016. Today one thing is certain: Brexit will have far-reaching consequences - also for agricultural industries throughout Europe and also in Germany! read more


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