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Global AdHoc - Lenka Novakova becomes Product Manager

From 1st June 2018, Lenka Novakova will become Product Manager for global AdHoc. The Kleffmann Group is investing in AdHoc because it wants to further promote and optimise the uniqueness of this service. read more


Kleffmann Group will participate at the UK Cereals Event

Kleffmann Group will present their new Precision Farming Tool "My Data Plant" at the UK Cereals Event from 13th to 14th June 2018.

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Prima Cruz is the new Team Manager of Kleffmann Group Australia

Her role is to be responsible for conducting Kleffmann Group surveys in Australia and New Zealand, as well as being responsible for the local customer service.

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The AgriGlobe -Team of the Kleffmann Group will be at the 19th CAC in Shanghai

Delegates who are interested in getting to know more about Agricultural Market Research and the Kleffmann Group are invited to participate in a personal conversation at the exhibition. read more


Smart Farming Tracker

"Which technology, programs or procedures are used currently on farms?”. Kleffmann Groups gives an overview on the actual status quo on German farms. The study results will be available by April 2018. read more


New Media Tracker

The Kleffmann Group analysed the farmers’ attitude and their behaviour towards new media. The results of the “New Media Tracker”-study will be available in April. read more


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