amis®seed & amis®crop protection

Analyze your amis® data to the greatest depth possible

Through the amis® system, Kleffmann Group offers worldwide panel information for all major crops (in more than 60 countries) - subdivided into seed and crop protection. 

Via Kleffmann4you clients have the ability to not only access the surveyed amis®seed and amis®crop protection data can also analyze the data in-depth. 

Features & Benefits

  • Web-based tool, accessible anytime via your Internet browser
  • New modern, intuitive layout and design allows users to work faster and see more
  • Kleffmann thinks globally, so our data can be browsed in all significant global area units, quantity units and currencies 
  • Live calculation of tables and charts increases productivity and enhances data interpretation possibilities
  • One integrated platform providing various analysis tools
  • Predefined data sets show most vital information in just a few seconds
  • Individual data analysis: Quick access to key data for casual users; Flexibility and in-depth analyses for experienced users
  • And much more…


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