Do you have the correct strategy to win in this competitive market? Do you know how farmers decide what seed to buy? Why your hybrid or variety was chosen or rejected? Do you know when farmers make their seed purchase? 

Our amis® seed panel information is based on over 100,000 farmer interviews repeated annually from all over the world. This comprehensive data set provides deep insight regarding the importance of crops, market share of seed companies hybrids and varieties, farmers’ purchase behavior and farmer demographics on local and global levels.

Thanks to our long-term experience we are able to not only deliver current-state data, but are also able to identify and evaluate trends, analyze market developments and benchmark your performance against that of competitors.

If you are looking for individual, short term studies addressing specific information needs, our customized AdHoc Research will help you find the answers to your questions. 

Thanks to our close relationship with farmers and experts across the globe, we are able to look at farmers’ product preferences, investigate mechanisms behind their purchase decisions, analyze what product characteristics drive their purchase and evaluate their perception of brand. 

Our products are designed to gain deep insight on your research questions and to turn them into foresights that will help you define the right strategic decisions.

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