Ag Machinery

In times of growing demands due to a growing global population, efficiency and resource-friendly production is a major concern of farmers. At the same time, the internationalization of the market, consumers’ requests for high quality standards and an increasing environmental awareness put additional pressure on equipment manufacturers.

Knowing what farmers are looking for in their equipment and being able to offer products tailored to their needs can result in a major competitive advantage: Do you know your clients well enough to identify the key parameters that will make you stand out from the competition? Do you have the right strategy to tackle future developments from the outset?

With our AdHoc research we are able to find answers to your questions. Thanks to our close relationship with farmers and experts across the globe, we are able to look at farmers’ product preferences, investigate the mechanisms behind their purchase decisions, analyze what product characteristics drive their purchase and evaluate their perception of brand. 

Our products are designed to gain deep insight on your research questions and to turn them into foresights that will help you define the right strategic decisions and target your market better.

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