Kleffmann Group is now part of Kynetec.

Kleffmann Group - Your Global Agricultural Insight Provider

With 25 years of experience, Kleffmann Group is the leading provider of agricultural market research services. As a full service research agency, we are able to provide our clients with key information on multiple agricultural sectors, including crop protection, fertilizer, seed, animal health or agricultural machinery. From over 200,000 interviews per year with farmers and agricultural experts worldwide, we draw up-to-date market knowledge allowing us to provide fast and flexible services with deep insights for both local and global decision makers. more



New Media Tracker and Smart Farming Tracker Examine Media Use and Smart Farming Technologies in Agriculture

The syndicated studies New Media Tracker and Smart Farming Tracker are firmly established products of the Custom Research department of the Kleffmann Group, in addition to the individual market research solutions. Read more


Daniel Wirth Appointed CEO of Kynetec and the Kleffmann Group

Kynetec today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Daniel Wirth as CEO of Kynetec and the Kleffmann Group. This appointment follows the recent announcement that Kynetec and the Kleffmann Group,  Read more




Impact of devastating bushfires on Australian agriculture

Australia is no stranger to bushfires. However, the 2019-2020 season has been especially long, with major fires of the season starting in September 2019, even before the official arrival of spring.
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