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With 25 years of experience, Kleffmann Group is the leading provider of agricultural market research services. As a full service research agency, we are able to provide our clients with key information on multiple agricultural sectors, including crop protection, fertilizer, seed, animal health or agricultural machinery. From over 200,000 interviews per year with farmers and agricultural experts worldwide, we draw up-to-date market knowledge allowing us to provide fast and flexible services with deep insights for both local and global decision makers. more



“Farmer 4.0 – ‘Is our tractor able to do this at all?’”

Kleffmann Group will participate in this year's Digital Farming Conference. The main subject of debate is the use of digital technologies in the agriculture sector. Stephan Poppe of Kleffmann Group will give a talk which includes the newest findings of the “New Media Tracker” and “Smart Farming Tracker”. read more


Smart Farming Tracker

"Which technology, programs or procedures are used currently on farms?”. Kleffmann Groups gives an overview of the actual status quo on German farms. The study results will be ready in April 2018. read more


New Media Tracker

The Kleffmann Group analysed the farmers’ attitude and their behaviour towards new media. The results of the “New Media Tracker”-study will be available in April. read more