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With 25 years of experience, Kleffmann Group is the leading provider of agricultural market research services. As a full service research agency, we are able to provide our clients with key information on multiple agricultural sectors, including crop protection, fertilizer, seed, animal health or agricultural machinery. From over 200,000 interviews per year with farmers and agricultural experts worldwide, we draw up-to-date market knowledge allowing us to provide fast and flexible services with deep insights for both local and global decision makers. more



From "Brussels" to Bananas

On a recent field trip to Costa Rica Dr. Bob Fairclough, Principal Consultant for AgriGlobe got a closer look at some of the problems Banana Plantation face in the country. read more


Kleffmann Group and Kverneland Group Announce Strategic Partnership

The partnership will enable farmers to monitor fields with the help of satellite data and to cultivate them according to sub-areas. read more


Global Commercial Seed Market increases

Global Commercial Seed Market increases by 1.57% in nominal terms to reach US$ 45.37 billion in 2018 when measured at the ex-company level and when using average year exchange rates. It is driven by Asia, Europe, and Middle East Africa. read more